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Modus Create
15 April, 2023
Last release notes

Modus Create builds customer-centric products, processes, and platforms to help businesses succeed in the digital economy. Our team offers unmatched experience and mastery of the Atlassian ecosystem and was named Atlassian Partner of the Year for our exceptional services in 2021. Our highly skilled experts have a deep understanding of the intricacies within the Atlassian tools and how they integrate with different environments to yield superior performance. With our profound knowledge of Atlassian software, the Modus Create team brings precision to every project, ensuring outstanding results and value to our clients.

Products and Services
iframes-for-jira-cloud | Rlsly
Last release
6 July, 2021
The app allows you to embed the external content into your Jira Dashboard with an Iframe Gadget.
Integrate Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive to show up within Jira issues and help users work in context
iframes-for-confluence | Rlsly
Last release
16 February, 2024
Easily and safely embed iframes in Confluence. Include websites, forms, videos, maps, graphs, etc. in your pages by using a URL, HTML from another site, or your own custom HTML.
tableau-for-confluence-pro | Rlsly
Last release
26 December, 2023
Avoid context switching between Tableau and Confluence. Create your visualizations in Tableau and embed them into Confluence pages to tell a cohesive story.
notification-assistant-for-jira-email | Rlsly
Last release
12 April, 2024
Reduce distractions from irrelevant notifications. Notify the right people, at the right time, on the right channel (Email, Slack, or REST API). Customize emails in the drag and drop editor to help recipients have context about the notification.
markdown-html-plantuml-latex-diagrams-open-api-mermaid | Rlsly
Last release
8 September, 2023
Render Markdown to HTML in Confluence. Insert inline markdown text or a URL in the macro to display the content on your page.
tableau-for-confluence | Rlsly
Last release
6 September, 2023
Improve your stories by embedding Tableau dashboards into your Confluence pages. Interactive graphs will help you to stay focused on the important information in your story.