Communicate your

in a way your users prefer.
Rlsly — changelog as a service that brings customers closer.
Changelog as a service
Rlsly is a platform to collect all products updates in one place
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Announce your latest product changes, new features, bug fixes, news, and more...
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Collect feedback and feature suggestions from users that care
Rlsly feature images
Communicate with your users the way they prefer.
Reason to use Rlsly as a release note platform for your products
Use the standard of release notes to streamline product updates communication.
Our unified and convenient release notes format will allow your users to comfortably find and read the information that is specifically interesting to them. By using our template, you will intuitively write an update that is informative and useful for people.
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Rlsly — where your users are.
Thousands of people are already reading updates of products they care about in Rlsly, including your audience. Do you know what they are missing here? Of course, it is your product!
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Integrate seamlessly with your tools and products.
The simple and intuitive integration of your products with Rlsly will allow you to automate the creation of release notes and prevent missing important updates when certain changes are made to your product.
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Share your updates and collect feedback directly on your product window.
Use embeddable widgets and standalone pages to communicate with your customers where they are.
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Thousands of people use Rlsly to stay on top of product updates.
Discover what people think about your product and the changes you have made. Respond to complaints promptly, collect feedback and suggestions from users who are truly interested in your product.
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