Learn what's new in any product. All release notes are in one place in one format. For free.

Rlsly is an all-in-one products learning platform that combines all release notes in one place to help you learn about new features, important security updates, on your terms.
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    No more 100+ open tabs


    Everything in one place


    Get reports for multiple products

    All release notes are in one format, find what matters

    Format consistency

    Read release notes in the same format for every component, library, product you care about.

    Find what matters faster

    Easily find the products you are interested in and filter what matters to you.

    Schedule reports

    Do not miss what matters with scheduled notifications, like security updates or major versions. Reduce notification noise.

    Increase productivity with lists

    Organize with multi-purpose lists

    Create lists for yourself, your team, fun games, service dependencies or productivity tools.


    Learn new features and improvements in products in your list in one go. On your terms.

    Share and collaborate with others

    Let your team be on the same page with products’ updates.

    Monitor release notes of dependencies

    Manage component dependencies

    Follow release notes of external and internal dependencies.

    Stay in trend

    Monitor major update for the services and libraries you use.

    Simplify with lists

    Use lists for the dependencies of your services, components, libraries and grasp release notes in one place.

    Automate and simplify product updates

    Learn what is new in your favorite products and services to learn and stay up to date


    Automate product and security updates


    Stay up to date with changelogs of other teams inside your organization