Fine Software
Fine Software
15 April, 2023
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Sydney, Australia-based Fine Software Pty Ltd was founded in 2020. The team's passion is to craft beautiful software that really helps people get their job done. In 2021 the company took in seed funding from Atlassian Ventures. Co-founders Daniel Franz and Hannes Obweger draw on more than 15 years of combined experience leading teams at Atlassian, in addition to founding several other businesses, including the Roadmaps/Portfolio for Jira add-on (acquired by Atlassian and now part of Jira Software offerings). The company’s main product is JXL, a spreadsheet app for Jira that allows users to create and inline edit issues in highly customizable tables, copy and paste fields in bulk, sum up fields, group and structure issues in custom hierarchies, and much more.

Products and Services
JXL combines the power of Jira with the simplicity and usability of spreadsheets. Effortlessly manage all your issues in highly scalable, fully featured spreadsheets.