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55 Degrees AB
15 April, 2023
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From apps to training, our solutions help you stay updated, stabilize your delivery, and provide risk-aware forecasts.

Products and Services
inspekt-workflow-analytics-for-jira | Rlsly
Last release
23 May, 2023
Identify problems quickly by understanding how issues move through workflows, where they get stuck, their time in a status, and how long they sit idle. You have limited time, use our reports to help you make it more effective.
koppla-external-data-connector-for-jira | Rlsly
Last release
25 January, 2024
Find and display relevant, useful data from external systems right in your Jira issues based on a designated issue field's value. Account data for support teams, logs for dev teams & more. Your only limits are your issue fields and your imagination!
actionableagile-kanban-agile-flow-metrics-for-jira | Rlsly
Last release
17 July, 2024
ActionableAgile makes planning and forecasting easy and more accurate while providing visibility into what areas of your process may need improvement. Works with all Jira hosting types & all Jira project types, even Team managed!
klar-issue-refinement-for-jira | Rlsly
Last release
23 October, 2023
What do you need to know before you start? In Klar, you can set up your own required refinement questions, identify interested parties and even note dependencies. Custom fields allow you to see info on issues and create JQL queries. Try Klar today!
Quickly generate up-to-date, automated forecasts on the epics or versions in your Jira projects with Monte Carlo simulations that use your historical data and your tolerance for risk.